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Guided Training Plans


Not ready for the full BaseCamp experience?

Even if you're not ready to commit to the full community coaching program, you can build a strong foundation fitness following the BaseCamp Training Plan. This guided plan allows you to train along with the community but without the social, learning, and commandries of the full community program.


You set the goals.
We help you reach them.

Make 2023 your best and most satisfying season ever! Let us take care of all your base training needs by supplying expert-driven, guided training plan featuring a fun and group workout format. Whether you ride indoors or outdoors, road, gravel or mountain bike, train 6 or 16 hours per week, why train alone when you can train where you belong?


Select the plan that is right for you

Even if you're not ready for the full BaseCamp Community coaching program, you can still build a strong foundation fitness following the BaseCamp Plan and get tons of coach training tips along the way.  Build a strong base with our guided training plan complete with pro-level power-based training and structured workouts created by Tim Cusick and Amber Neben that you can execute outdoors or indoors with insider coaching tips to elevate your training and an all-access pass to ride with Coaches Tim, Amber, and Rebecca Rusch, along with the rest of the BaseCamp team, twice a week on Zwift. 

Plan Types Available

  • Road

  • Gravel

  • Mountain Bike

Training Hours Versions

  • 6-8 Hours per week

  • 8-10 Hours per week

  • 10-12 Hours per week

  • 12-14 Hours per week

  • 14+ hours per week


Choose your event/training focus (road, gravel, mountain) below and purchase it.

When you purchase, you will receive an email with a link to choose your training plan.


Select the cycling training hours that suits your schedule. Choose from five different training volumes, from 6 hours a week to 14+.


BaseCamp Road Plans


BaseCamp Gravel Plans


BaseCamp MTB Plans