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Watts Up, Weight Down

Six-week weight loss challenge with Namrita Brooke, PhD, RDN

If you want to start the BaseCamp Foundation program lean and strong in November, join our six-week weight-loss community challenge in advance of the BaseCamp 2023-2024 season kickoff! 

What is it?

The Watts Up, Weight Down challenge is a six-week private community for like-minded athletes who want to start the BaseCamp Foundation season a few pounds lighter and stronger than ever! You must be a BaseCamp member for the 2023-2024 session in order to join this cohort; if you aren't one already, you can become one here.

This challenge is not based on dieting or restriction; instead, it's all about learning how to use nutrition to fuel our bodies so we can lose body fat while maintaining lean mass and metabolism.

Instead of starving, feel energized.
Instead of feeling weak, get stronger.
Instead of a diet, choose lifestyle.


The challenge is based on science. In order to lose body fat, we must be in a caloric deficit, but we're not going to be just counting calories. We provide tools like an energy needs calculator, a nutrition guide, recipes, and the food combinations and portion sizes you need for energy, performance, metabolism, and fat loss. Together we will learn to tune in to hunger signals and energy needs, as well as how to make adjustments based on each day and its activity level.

Who is it for?

The Watts Up, Weight Down challenge is designed for any member of the 2023-2024 Basecamp Foundation community who would like to spend a few weeks focused on fat loss before the BaseCamp Foundation training program begins. 

​This program is for you if:

  • You struggle to lose that last 5-10 pounds

  • You often wonder what you should be eating and would like some direction

  • You can't seem to get enough protein

  • You find yourself starving at the end of the day

  • Your energy levels and recovery from exercise are inconsistent

  • You don't have time to figure out healthy meals, let alone cook every night

  • Your weight changes throughout the season and tends to increases with training load or in the off season

  • Your weight has been slowly creeping up, and it's harder and harder to get it off again

  • You're confused about all the conflicting diet and nutrition advice out there

  • You're confused about energy needs, macronutrient needs, and energy availability

  • You want results with a sustainable method that works for you

What's Included?

The Watts Up, Weight Down challenge finds its power from the community motivation, support, and accountability we're known for. You'll be attacking this with your BaseCamp teammates: a group you are familiar with (or will be soon, if you're new) and have aligned goals with.

Here's what you'll get in the challenge community:

  • Live kickoff group meeting talking about the top five weight loss mistakes and how to fix them 

  • Mid-point live group meeting and check-in, including strategies for maintaining your weight loss throughout the season

  • Ongoing Q&A and support in a private Facebook group just for this challenge, where we'll support and motivate each other, keep each other accountable, share recipes, and get expert tips and coaching support from Namrita


We want to help you reach your goals! In a six-week session like this, a reasonable weight loss could be anywhere from 3-10 pounds. The smaller/leaner you are, the less you can expect to lose. If you have more to lose than 3-10 pounds, you may be able to see results faster, but eventually the rate of fat loss should taper off as you get closer to your goal. 


Our mission is to empower and educate you and to provide a training and learning community for seasoned racers and newer riders alike. Expect to learn tools that you can use well beyond this challenge. Take them into the Basecamp Foundation program and throughout your next season! 

What can you win?

If you lose three or more pounds during the Watts Up, Weight Down Challenge, you will be registered to win a new BaseCamp Panache sweatshirt in your new slim size!

Please note that weight loss is not guaranteed. Success comes in many forms. 

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