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BaseCamp Community Workouts

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Train where you belong! Our weekly Tuesday and Thursday workouts are led by Rebecca Rusch, Namrita Brooke, and Tim Cusick, adding fun to your training week! These rides are open to the public and are built into your BaseCamp training plan. All public rides will be listed on this page when the program starts in November. 

Public Group Workout Schedule p/b Liv Cycling

BaseCamp workouts begin November 28 and last 60-70 minutes.

Tuesday and Thursday workouts at 10:00 a.m. EST are led by Tim Cusick and Rebecca Rusch

Tuesday and Thursday workouts at 5:45 p.m. EST are led by Namrita Brooke

Coach-Led Community Meetup Workout Schedule

BaseCamp Community (members only) workouts begin November 28 and last 60-240 minutes. The schedule is based on community needs, but there will typically be 4-12 additional workout times per week. You will be able to find these additional workouts listed here once the program begins.

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