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Training Plans


“Dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start.” 

- Proverb - 

Not ready for full-time coaching but want to take your cycling performance to the next level? We have a wide variety of training plans for cyclists of all levels and abilities written by BaseCamp head coach Tim Cusick.


BaseCamp Training Plans

To become a faster cyclist, there’s an optimal, science-backed training process to follow. Structured training is a process by which you train specific energy systems while progressively stressing your body. As a result, you gain performance-boosting adaptations that increase your FTP, VO2max, and muscular endurance. Having a purposeful and specific training plan based on the proper science principles helps ensure your success. 

Be sure to check out our training plan user guide for lots of tips on using our plans.

BaseCamp Build Plans

Featured Spring Build Plans

Not sure which plan is right for you? Complete this form, and we'll send you our personal recommendation!

How many years have you been training or riding seriously?
Have you ever been coached or followed an organized training plan?
How many hours a week can you train in the next 8-12 weeks?
How many weekly hours have you trained in the last six months?
How much of your training is currently indoors?
What data do you collect during training?
Do you use any analytical/tracking software or apps?
What type of events or races do you participate in?
Have you participated in other BaseCamp activities?
Are you interested in winter training with our BaseCamp Community?
Apart from success in a target event(s), what is your main goal of training? Please select all that apply.

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