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BaseCamp Nutrition

Step up your base training with nutrition resources, tips, and support from nutritionist Namrita Brooke, PhD, Registered Dietitian, and Sports Nutritionist. 

2021 Winter Program: November 30, 2020 - March 21, 2021

BasECamp Nutrition

All BaseCamp members automatically receive basic nutrition support, which means you'll get the benefit of weekly nutrition "bites" (tips, articles, recipes, etc.) in the BaseCamp private Facebook group and in the weekly emails, as well as a "Fueling for BaseCamp" online meeting with nutrition tips and time for Q&A with Namrita.

The BaseCamp Pro package offers a few more nutrition elements for Pro members:

  • 8-week Nutrition Boot Camp starting January 4 with its own private Facebook group, a flexible self-guided meal plan with healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes, and ongoing coaching and support

  • Monthly online nutrition meetings on special topics (supplements, event nutrition, fasting, low-carb training, etc.) and Q&A

Have questions? Want more information? Click here to send a message to Kathy and ask anything you like. We're here to help!

What BasECamp Nutrition Is Not

Please note that the BaseCamp nutrition add-on programs are not custom or personalized nutrition meal plans. If you're interested in a nutrition plan customized specifically to you, please click here to see Namrita's personal nutrition and coaching options or contact us for more information.

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Frequently Asked questions

When does the nutrition program start?

The "Fueling for BaseCamp" online meeting takes place on December 9 for all BaseCamp members. The 8-week Nutrition Boot Camp starts January 4.

Is the Nutrition Boot Camp all about weight loss?

No. Boot Camp is geared to help everyone improve and optimize their daily nutrition and fueling for training. Namrita will help you determine your personal energy and macro needs based on your body composition goals (fat loss, weight/lean mass gain, or weight maintenance) within the overall context of optimizing your training, recovery, and performance.

How flexible are the Boot Camp recipes and meal options? What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our Nutrition Boot Camp accommodates any dietary preferences, and Namrita will help you learn to swap ingredients to suit your dietary preferences and restrictions. The meal and snack options given are flexible for you to choose from and give you the ability to combine and/or modify them however you like, as long as they satisfy your personal energy and macro needs.


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