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BaseCamp Nutrition

Dr. Namrita Brooke

Dr. Namrita Brooke offers a wealth of knowledge to coaches and athletes alike. The combination of her nutrition expertise, coaching experience, and personal training and racing offers an amazing opportunity for both the competitive and the recreational endurance athlete. She provides the nutrition portion of our BaseCamp Community programs and also offers 1x1 coaching for cycling and nutrition. Here are a few of her qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in applied exercise physiology

  • M.S. in sports nutrition

  • Registered dietitian nutritionist

  • USAC Level 2 coach

  • 10+ years of coaching experience

  • Background: endurance/XC mountain biking, off-road triathlon, marathon running

Nutrition and Coaching Options with Namrita

Nutrition Analysis and Assessment

Want some nutrition recommendations and tips without the cost of ongoing nutrition coaching? Purchase a nutrition analysis for personalized advice from Namrita!

How it Works

  • You'll complete our online assessment form

  • Namrita will schedule a 30-minute initial online meeting or phone call with you

  • Namrita will review all your info and prepare the nutrition assessment

  • Namrita will scheduled a 30-minute online meeting or phone call to review the assessment and make recommendations

Recommended Add-On

​To get the most out of your nutrition advice, we recommend following up later with one 60-minute follow-up consultation ($150) or two 30-minute  monthly consultations ($199 total)


  • $399


Purchase an assessment here >>

One-on-One Nutrition Consulting

Get one-on-one time with Namrita to discuss you nutrition and/or coaching questions! It's helpful to prepare and email your questions ahead of time so that Namrita can specifically address them; we recommend 3-5 questions for an hour's session. Feel free to contact us to make arrangements before purchasing your consulting time.  Follow-up consultations of 30 minutes are also available after the initial consultation.


  • Send us your questions

  • Meet with Namrita online (Facetime, Zoom, etc.)


  • $250 for the first hour

  • $150 per hour after the first hour and for follow-up consultations


Purchase consulting with Namrita >>

Endurance + Nutrition Coaching

If you're looking for nutrition coaching integrated with your triathlon or cycling training, Namrita can do both! Your coaching and nutrition plan is completely customized to your goals, schedule, and needs. No cookie cutter plans here.


You’ll get 30-minute biweekly meetings (online or by phone) to review your performance. Namrita will analyze your data, make recommendations for both training and nutrition, and answer any questions. 

Nutrition Resources

As part of your training plan in TrainingPeaks, Namrita will provide integrated daily fueling targets designed to help you meet your overall goals and to get the most out of training, recovery, and event preparation and performance. She will explain the process and guide you to better nutrition habits and fueling skills during your biweekly calls.

Plan Edits

Namrita will revise your training plan as needed. 


$479 per month


Fill out our coaching inquiry form to get started >>

Looking for endurance coaching only, without nutrition support? Click here for all the details.


BaseCamp Community includes nutrition support from Namrita! In addition to all the other training and strength benefits you get in BaseCamp Community, you'll get nutrition support via our Facebook group, a flexible self-guided meal plan with healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes, and training and event fueling advice based on macronutrients. Click here to join BaseCamp today!

Self-Guided Nutrition

Namrita has created self-guided nutrition ebooks to help you calculate the nutrition you need for training and everyday life. If you need personal help with the program, you can purchasing one-on-one consulting time with Namrita at a 10% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BaseCamp Community nutrition program all about weight loss?

No. BaseCamp nutrition is geared to help everyone improve and optimize their daily nutrition and fueling for training. Namrita will help you determine your personal energy and macro needs based on your body composition goals (fat loss, weight/lean mass gain, or weight maintenance) within the overall context of optimizing your training, recovery, and performance.

How flexible are the recipes and meal options? What if I have dietary restrictions?

We accommodate any dietary preferences, and Namrita will help you learn to swap ingredients to suit your dietary preferences and restrictions. The meal and snack options given are flexible for you to choose from and give you the ability to combine and/or modify them however you like, as long as they satisfy your personal energy and macro needs.

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