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2024 Foundation


Alone, we can do so little.
Together, we can do so much.


– Helen Keller

BaseCamp's cycling training community coaching approach engages our members in a blend of learning, motivation, and unique training challenges to make base training fun and motivating. Whether you ride indoors or outdoors, road, gravel or mountain bike, why train alone when you can train where you belong?

Our foundation program starts November 27, 2023. Sign up or reserve a spot today!


You set the goals. BaseCamp helps you reach them.


The 360° Program

BaseCamp blends the key elements of endurance performance into one program. Training, nutrition, strength, and biomechanics are the pillars of our program.

16 Weeks of Customized Training

Head coaches Tim Cusick and Amber Neben design your cycling training program, customized to your event focus, training history, needs, and schedule. Nutrition and strength training are built in to maximize your results.

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Hands-On Coaching

Your BaseCamp experience is designed, implemented, and coached by our team of world-class coaches and professional cyclists as we ride and train along with you. 

Engaging Community

Train where cyclists of all levels belong. BaseCamp is a vibrant, worldwide, social training community that trains together to motivate and help each other learn and grow. 

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Targeted, Structured, and Flexible

BaseCamp gives you a personalized training plan and workouts targeted at your ability and current fitness.  Structured workouts are delivered to your head unit, online training system, phone, and/or email. 


What's Included

Expert driven training community

Full 16-week training plan designed by world championship/Olympic coach Tim Cusick and the BaseCamp team

Plans are customized to your available training hours, fitness and goals

Train together with coach-led, interactive workouts on Zwift.  Work out with Amber Neben, Rebecca Rusch, Tim Cusick, and the rest of the BaseCamp team

Vibrant private Facebook coaching community featuring our full coaching team

Interactive training challenges led by world champion cyclists Amber Neben and Rebecca Rusch

Community based training that creates positive motivation in a supportive environment

Virtual happy hours, coaching sessions, and other frequent live Zoom gatherings with the coaches.

Free TrainingPeaks Premium account

Structured workouts compatible with Zwift, Garmin, and other popular workout apps

Online yoga sessions by yoga master Keith Moore

Supportive and interactive nutrition program developed and coached by Dr. Namrita Brooke

Community nutrition coaching directly with Namrita via our Facebook group

Cycling-specific strength programs designed and coached by Menachem Brodie

Community strength coaching directly from Menachem via our Facebook community group

Beginner and advanced strength training options

BaseCamp Foundation starts November 27!

Train with us this winter! Join the
BaseCamp Community today.

Tired of training alone? Train where you belong! Join our diverse cycling community to train alongside pro coaches and athletes, participate in fun challenges, build your knowledge, and achieve your goals.  Join the BaseCamp team for a 16-week community coaching program, where you'll train and ride with Tim Cusick, Amber Neben, and Rebecca Rusch; master your nutrition with Dr. Namrita Brooke; and build on-the-bike strength with Menachem Brodie.
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