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BaseCamp Cycling Coach Job Description

As a cycling coach with BaseCamp Endurance Coaching, you are crucial for the enhancement of cycling performance, skill development, fitness improvement, and meeting athlete expectations. You are the point person for each athlete; the liaison between the athlete and our company, brand, and mission; and the trusted team member who is ultimately responsible for the coach-athlete relationship and overall experience. 

About the role

Preferred Qualifications
On-the-Job Training
  1. Manage athlete assessment and planning using tools provided by BaseCamp

  2. Manage athlete communications and training data review through biweekly online meetings 

  3. Manage training development (including but not limited to annual planning, training cycle planning, goal setting and evaluation, building structured workouts, interval planning using WKO optimized intervals, reviewing workouts, and conducting biweekly meetings with athletes) using WKO5 and TrainingPeaks, and plan scheduling and edits using TrainingPeaks 

  4. Maintain client satisfaction and longevity through positive interaction and execution of contractual standards

  5. Complete assessments in a timely manner

  6. Develop and enhance client goals 

  7. Create training plan overview and planner

  8. Develop athlete workouts and properly communicate workout standards to the athlete

  9. Conduct workout and training reviews with athletes a minimum of every two weeks

  10. Be responsive to all athlete questions, concerns, and performance, as well as any issues that may arise

  1. Coach 2-5 athletes during an initial six-month mentored training program

  2. Coach 5+ athletes after completion of initial six-month mentored training program

  3. Maintain a minimum of 2 coached athletes at all times

  4. Maintain a 95% overall satisfaction rating as measured by athlete survey results (surveys are sent to each athlete after 8 weeks and then every 6 months thereafter)

  5. Maintain a 9+ month longevity score as measurement by athlete lifecycle (time with coach)

  6. Complete 80% or more of BaseCamp's provided continuing education 

  1. Minimum of USA Cycling Coaching Level 3 license 

  2. TrainingPeaks Power Certification

  3. Completion of TrainingPeaks' "Advanced Training with Power and Data" course

  1. At least 1-2 years of cycling coaching experience using TrainingPeaks

  2. At least 1 year of experience using WKO software or equivalent for data analytics

  3. Bachelors degree in Exercise Science or equivalent experience in physiology and endurance training 

  1. BaseCamp Coaching Introductory Course

  2. BaseCamp's WKO5 Education for Coaches course

  3. BaseCamp mentorship program (~6 months)

  4. Participation in BaseCamp's winter group coaching program (16 weeks)

  5. Ongoing education and Coaching Collective sessions

As independent contractors, BaseCamp coaches receive 70% of all monthly billed services from company-placed athletes and 75% of all monthly billed services from coach-recruited athletes following completion of the mentorship phase. During the mentorship phase (which is a maximum of six months), they receive 65% (or 70% for self-recruited) of all monthly billings for the duration of the mentorship phase.

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