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BaseCamp group coaching programs are developed to be a community of learning and growth guided by experts, with the goal of achieving exponential progress and momentum in your training and performance through the four pillars of endurance performance success: on-the-bike training, nutrition, strength training, and mental performance. 

Group coaching is built for you!

Being part of a group does not mean the training is not customized to you. Each member completes a training and fitness survey to share their goals, training availability, training history, and more. Our expert team of coaches evaluates the responses and assigns a customized training plan to each member. 

group coaching BENEFITS


"Train where you belong!"

When we connect with a community of people with similar values and goals who want to see you succeed, amazing things can happen.


There's an incredible energy and collective wisdom in group coaching that's different from 1x1 coaching or training plans, and it's this energy and wisdom that can accelerate your improvement.


Members are accountable to each other for their goals and progress. Being part of our supportive community can make it easier to stay positive and motivated when you face challenges.


Group coaching is more affordable than one-on-one coaching. BaseCamp group coaching is led by a team of experts and includes training, nutrition, strength, and mental performance coaching.


To ensure the highest quality group coaching program in the endurance sports world, we have built an industry-leading team of experts. Head Coach Tim Cusick develops and writes all the on-the-bike training plans. Our nutrition and fueling programs are developed by our world-class exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Dr. Namrita Brooke. Our strength program is designed specifically for cyclists by bestselling author and strength trainer Menachem Brodie, while our sports psychology is led by renowned sports psychologist Carrie Jackson.

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upcoming group coaching programs

Join one of our upcoming group coaching programs today!

Spots are limited, and programs consistently sell out.

BaseCamp Winter Foundation

Group Coaching | Winter

Base Training 

16-week winter base training program focused on building the foundation for your best season ever!

Nov 25, 2024 - Mar 16, 2025

BaseCamp Summer RPI

Group Coaching | Summer

Gravel Training

8-week summer training focused on building your peak performance for Rebecca's Private Idaho or any fall gravel event.

Jul 1 - Aug 31, 2024

You set the goals.
BaseCamp helps you reach them.
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The 360° Program

BaseCamp group coaching blends the key elements of endurance performance into one program based on the pillars of training, nutrition, strength, and mental performance.

16 Weeks of Customized Training

Group coaching is a virtual training community and training program that can be executed indoors or outdoors for any cycling discipline. The training plan is customized to you based on your cycling abilities, fitness, availability, and goals. 


a modern approach

By utilizing digital technologies, you can interact with our industry-leading coaches every day. We train with you, coaching and guiding you through the process while focusing on teaching you the why behind everything we do.

Engaging Community

Train where cyclists of all levels belong. BaseCamp group coaching is a vibrant, worldwide, social training community that trains together to motivate and help each other learn and grow. Click here to see a recap of last year's winter group coaching!

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Targeted, Structured, and Flexible

BaseCamp group coaching gives you a personalized training plan and workouts targeted at your ability and current fitness. Structured workouts are delivered to your head unit, online training system, phone, and/or email. 

BaseCamp Winter Group Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

BaseCamp Group Coaching FAQ
  • What is BaseCamp group coaching?
    BaseCamp group coaching is a virtual training community program that can be executed indoors or outdoors for any cycling discipline. Our winter group training program includes training, strength, nutrition, and mental performance that is customized to you based on your cycling abilities, fitness, training availability, and goals, with workouts designed to set you up for your best season. Learn more about group coaching here.
  • What is the 360-degree whole athlete approach?
    Our group coaching program focuses on the whole athlete development by delivering a full 360-degree coaching program that blends training, nutrition, strength, and sports psychology all into a motivating approach to coaching. Optimal performance is only achieved when these elements are balanced and implemented effectively into a training program.
  • Who participates in BaseCamp winter group coaching?
    Don't want to train alone this winter? This amazing program is delivered in a motivating community format where our "Train Where You Belong" mission statement has helped us build a diverse group of members, from beginners to elite riders, each with unique goals, a passion for cycling, a desire to improve, and a willingness to help and motivate each other. BaseCamp demographic highlights * 11% have never trained seriously, while 23% have 4+ years of structured training * 46% female, 50% male * 54% are 40-59 years old * 41% participate in gravel events, 35% in road events, 15% in mountain bike events
  • How many hours do I need for training?
    BaseCamp group coaching programs are customized to your and your training availability. You will complete a training and fitness survey before the program begins, and our team of experts will customize a plan to fit your total training hours. We have plans ranging from 6-18+ hours per week, so we've got you covered.
  • Do we train together?
    Part of what makes BaseCamp Group Coaching so amazing is we have the opportunity to train together! During our winter group coaching program, we offer numerous group indoor workouts that align perfectly with your training plan. We typically target Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays as our group workout days and focus on a range of meeting times. Our goal is to have an early-morning, late-morning, mid-day, and evening workout option available for those who want to join and train together. These coached workouts are led by our coaching team and feature direct feedback on workout execution and the "why" behind the workout. The workouts are individualized to your fitness and set to all stay together so you can train at your pace and enjoy the socially motivating format of "suffering with friends. " Why train alone this winter when you can train where you belong? ***You do not need to join group workouts to execute your training plan. All plans are written in TrainingPeaks' structured workouts and can be executed on any online program such as Rouvy, MyWhoosh, RGT, or even your head unit device.
  • How am I coached?
    Our community process allows for all members to have access to the BaseCamp experts and staff. Ask all your questions in the community group or submit them at our members-only coach corner sessions and receive immediate answers from the team and great feedback and opinions from the community. Our 16-week winter group coaching program features numerous live and interactive webinars, virtual meetings, workout previews, workout analysis, and constant, ongoing coaching.
  • Who designs the training?
    What is the BaseCamp secret? Our community coaching program focuses on whole-athlete development by delivering a full 360-degree coaching program that blends training, nutrition, strength, and sports psychology into a motivating approach to coaching. To ensure the highest quality of each of these segments, we have built an industry-leading team of experts. Tim Cusick develops and writes all the on-the-bike training plans. Our nutrition and fueling programs are developed by world-class exercise physiologist and nutritionist Namrita Brooke, PhD, RDN. Our strength program is designed specifically for cycling by best-selling author Menachem Brodie. Our sports psychology elements are led by renowned sports psychologist Carrie Jackson. The BaseCamp training system is designed in an interactive and synergist way, focused on fully optimizing your training for better results.
  • What makes group coaching fun?
    The best part about BaseCamp group coaching is that our community keeps it fun! Our elite team of coaches and pros will not only coach you, but will also ride and train with you. BaseCamp winter group coaching features numerous coach-led virtual group workouts, all designed into your training program and customized to your ability to ensure you are motivated to ride and are coached each step of the way. We also offer engaging challenges and team events, complete with amazing sponsor prize packages. Besides the coach-led Zwift workouts, you can attend live yoga sessions on Zoom, participate in live panel discussions with the coaching team, join our online hangouts, or just be inspired by interacting with our incredible community.
  • What do BaseCamp alumni say about group coaching?
    Check out our 2023 winter group coaching recap page here for lots of comments from members!
  • Will I get the results I want?
    We train for a reason, and the reason is often a personal achievement. See what our BaseCamp members have to say about accomplishing their goals on our Stories page.
  • What equipment and apps do I need?
    Our group coaching programs can be completed indoors or out. All members are supplied a TrainingPeaks account if they don't already have one, and our workouts are built as structured workouts so they can be executed from any head unit or smart trainer and most online indoor training programs (Zwift, RGT, Rouvy, and more). If your trainer does not track power or heart rate, you will need a power meter or a heart rate monitor. There are coach-led group workouts on Zwift throughout the week that will match your training plan; if you would like to join these group workouts, you will need a Zwift account.
  • What does winter group coaching cost?
    BaseCamp group coaching is an amazing value. For less than $150 a month ($549 for the entire 16-week winter group coaching program), you'll receive a comprehensive training, nutrition, strength, and sport psychology coaching program customized to you. This is a one-time charge with no subscriptions or monthly fees.

Who is the BaseCamp athlete?

BaseCamp group coaching is for all types and levels of cyclists. We strive for inclusion and diversity, and we believe in our motto: "train where you belong". Here are a few charts showing the variety of our members.
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