Coach Namrita Brooke

Coach Namrita Brooke
Coach Namrita Brooke
Coach Namrita Brooke


Pensacola, Florida

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Mountain bike, gravel, ultra, multi-day, cyclocross, road, triathlon

To be part of an athlete's journey in achieving lifetime goals, personal bests, and new levels of confidence is really fulfilling for me. My approach integrates sport science and evidence-based training and nutrition strategies into a coach-athlete relationship that's built on trust and sharing of common goals. Click here to read real testimonials from some of my clients and athletes.


Off the bike, I run a cycling-based non-profit called Rescue Project to support animal rescue and awareness. I also offer nutrition coaching and consulting.

Events I've participated in:

  • Mountain bike

  • Gravel

  • Ultra


  • Triathlon

  • Cyclocross