BaseCamp Functional Strength Training

Our unique, cycling-specific strength training program can be completed in limited time and at home or wherever you are.

2022 Winter Program: November 29, 2021 - March 20, 2022

Strength Training for Cyclists

The BaseCamp strength training program is a unique and highly-advanced approach to strength training for cyclists. It's based on functional strength exercises, breathing, and dynamic movements that will help you get stronger and faster, while also addressing the imbalances caused by our sport of cycling.


The goal of the BaseCamp strength training program is to get your body back in balance by activating and building the muscles you need to perform and feel your best, while improving the inner environment of your body to help you recover faster, ride stronger, and look, feel, and move better.

  • All-new program led by Menachem Brodie of Human Vortex Training

  • 15-25 minutes per session, 2-3 sessions per week, throughout the entire BaseCamp program

  • Progressive program focused on complimenting your Basecamp workouts

  • Self-paced; perform the sessions when it suits your schedule

  • Program delivered via TrainingPeaks 

  • Supported in the BaseCamp Facebook group

All exercises can be done at home (or wherever you are) in a space about 6 feet square, and you will need only a few pieces of equipment, listed below. The links provided are suggestions from Coach Menachem, but any similar items will work just fine.

  • A set of resistance bands (at least 2, but 4 is ideal)

  • A door anchor for the resistance bands

  • 2 kettlebells (8kg and 12kg)

  • Yoga mat or towel

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Frequently Asked questions

I have a limited amount of time to train. How much time will strength training take?

Our dynamic format allows you to complete a cycling-focused strength training program in 15-25 minutes a day, doing a workout 2-3 days a week for best results.

Will the strength workouts be in my TrainingPeaks account?

Yes, your strength workouts will be in your TrainingPeaks calendar.

What equipment do I need for the strength program?

All exercises can be done at home (or wherever you are), and you will need a yoga mat or towel, a set of resistance bands, a door anchor, and 2 kettlebells (8kg and 12kg). 

Should I do my cycling and strength workouts in the same training session? Which should come first?

Coach Menachem recommends doing cycling in the morning and strength in the evening, if possible. At the very least, do your cycling workout first and wait at least three or four hours before doing your strength workout. If you must do them close together, know that you will not be able to load the back and spine as much because the tissues will be in a state of stretch for 90 minutes or more after your ride. Read this article from Menachem for more details and information.

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How should I feel going through my workout?

Should I be sore?


What kettlebell weight should I use?

What do I focus on for the kettlebell swings?

Special considerations for women

How should I arrange my workouts each week?

What types of pain should I not train through?


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