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Executing extended workouts

BaseCamp members doing a high weekly volume of training may be prescribed longer workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays than the group rides on Zwift. These longer rides will show up as additional workouts in your TrainingPeaks calendar, and you have several options for executing these,

Option 1: Ride the extra workout immediately before the group workout, then switch over to the group workout. To do this, simply select the extra workout as written in Zwift.

Option 2: Ride the extra workout immediately after the group workout. For this option, before logging in to Zwift, open the workout in your TrainingPeaks calendar and move the structured warmup section from the beginning of the workout to the end, where it will now be the cooldown (watch the video below for instructions). When you finish the group ride in Zwift, simply load the extended workout from the daily workout section in Zwift.

Option 3: Simply ride for the prescribed amount of time before or after the group workout. There's no need to load the extended workout in Zwift; just look at the extended workout in TrainingPeaks to see how much time has been prescribed and the target watts, then free ride this length of time in Zwift before or after the group ride.

Watch this video for a more advanced look:

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