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Tim Cusick

Tim Cusick is a world-class cycling coach, a leader in data analytics for endurance sports, an educator, and an innovative business leader.

As a coach, he’s compiled an impressive history of success and jerseys. His approach to coaching peak performance focuses on the whole athlete and the components of success for the whole athlete. Tim works with Olympians, world champions, and more, including Amber Neben and Rebecca Rusch.

Coaching Accomplishment Highlights

  • 3 world championships

  • 18 national championships

  • 2 world records/bests

  • Numerous race victories in multiple disciplines


As a data analytics leader, Tim is an acknowledged expert in the field for endurance athletes. He is the TrainingPeaks WKO product leader, and together with Kevin Williams he led the data revolution to bring innovative analytics programs and systems to life in WKO.

Data Analytics Accomplishment Highlights

  • TrainingPeaks WKO product leader

  • Codeveloper of WKO5

  • Instructor: Advanced Training with Data


As an educator, Tim has presented at USA Cycling summits, TrainingPeaks Endurance Summits, TrainingPeaks University, and more. His online training programs are legendary, ranging from paid-for certification programs -- such as TrainingPeaks’ Power Certification, Advanced Training with Power and Data, and Physiology of Endurance Training courses -- to free resources on coaching and training with data.  

Educator Accomplishment Highlights

  • USA Cycling coach summit presenter 

  • TrainingPeaks University presenter/instructor

  • Author of coaching and training with WKO online education

As a business leader, Tim Cusick is the founder of BaseCamp, which is driven by Tim’s philosophy of bringing together the science of data and the art of coaching. His values-based approach focusing on shared vision and team building allows for the construction of dynamic and purposeful organization development.

Media Highlights


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