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Belong. Train. Achieve.

Welcome to the cycling training community for everyone.

Alone, we can do so little.
Together, we can do so much.

– Helen Keller

Everyone is talking about BaseCamp, a modern approach towards cycling coaching and training.  Our inclusive “train where you belong” mission and 360 degree athlete development programs produce best in class results. Each year, thousands of cyclists of all levels, join our immersive coaching programs: private or group coaching and live cycling camps to train and learn about all things cycling, nutrition, strength and mental performance.

You set the goals. BaseCamp has the program to help you reach them.
BaseCamp Athlete Training


Looking for extra motivation, accountability and fun? Join one of our group coaching programs and train where you belong! Our group coaching programs are led by our world-class coaches and feature full training, nutrition and strength coaching, education, and support. 

BaseCamp Live Camps 

Take your training to amazing places! Join the BaseCamp team for a live training adventure where we will build our knowledge, skills, and friendships

BaseCamp Community Friends
BaseCamp Coaching Amber Neben

BaseCamp 1x1 Coaching

Really looking to take your performance to the next level? Hire one of our world-class coaches and start your journey to the podium. Our personal coaching programs feature a full-spectrum approach.

BaseCamp Training Plans 

Not ready to jump into a community yet? Check our training plan selections. We have over 100 plans available, featuring fully structured workouts for execution on head unit or online. Our plans all written by head coach Tim Cusick.

BaseCamp and TrainingPeaks

Not sure which BaseCamp service is right for you?

Chat with Coach Kathy Watts or reach out by email, and we'll walk you through the programs and help you make the best decision for your upcoming season.

Get free training & nutrition tips from the BaseCamp coaches!

Meet the BaseCamp team

BaseCamp Cycling Coach

Head Coach

Tim Cusick

  • Pro coach

  • 4 world championships

  • 17 national championships

BaseCamp Cycling Coach

Queen of Stoke

Rebecca Rusch

  • Adventure athlete

  • 7x world champion

  • Best-selling author

BaseCamp Cycling Coach


Namrita Brooke

  • PhD in Exercise Physiology

  • Masters nutrition

  • Endurance athlete


Sport Psychologist

Carrie Jackson

  • Performance and mental training

  • Certified mental performance consultant

BaseCamp Cycling Coach

Cycling Strength Trainer

Menachem Brodie

  • Strength coach for Israel Cycling

  • Vortex method

  • Author

BaseCamp Cycling Coach

The Team

World-Class Coaches

  • World-class coaches

  • Over 50 years of pro experience

  • All disciplines

" Thank you coaches and BaseCampers for a great winter season of training! While the fitness is great, and I'm stoked to be at my best FTP since I quit racing seriously, the community and camaraderie are what really kept me motivated and engaged to do every workout – especially when it was hard."
                                                                                                                          - Stacy 2022
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