BaseCamp is an online winter base training program that is designed as a social based, motivational training plan guided by leading pros and coaches, offering cyclists and triathletes a complete winter training package: a customized training plan, training education, virtual group rides, nutrition and strength training guidance, and access to industry-leading coaches and athletes. It’s a community of like-minded athletes, all training together in the safety of their own homes.

2021 Winter Program: November 30, 2020 through March 21, 2021
Programs starting at one-time payment of $299!
No monthly fees or subscription

Custom Training Program

Your customized base training plan is designed by our expert coaches, focused on maximizing your base training and helping you achieve your goals.


Train where you belong! We are a training community sharing, learning, and motivating each other through virtual meetings and vibrant group conversations.

Structured Workouts

Daily training made easy! All workouts are written in structured format, allowing for direct upload to popular online or outdoor cycling programs.


Track and measure your results while guided by some of the best coaches in the business! We focus on real-time feedback to your needs and questions.

Group Events

Ride with your community! Multiple weekly online group training rides and events are led and coached by our team of professional coaches.

Special Offers

All BaseCamp members are eligible for special discounts and offers from BaseCamp, Velocious Cycling Adventures, and our sponsors.

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A better base training solution

BaseCamp is a training, strength, and nutrition program for cyclists and triathletes that gives you the best of all worlds: a professional training plan, expert advice, and a like-minded training community.

I participated in last year's BaseCamp and could tell during my first outside ride that I was much stronger and faster than previous years. In fact, I felt "race ready" in March.

Jim P, BaseCamp Team Member 2020

What is BaseCamp?

BaseCamp  is a cross between a reasonably-priced training plan and an expensive personal coach, with the added benefit of a social training community to support you throughout the 16 week base training program and beyond.

Train with the pros

All BaseCamp members have access to our expert coaching team. Ride with us online, ask us questions, and interact with us in our Facebook group and on Zoom meetings. Hang out with 3x world champion Amber Neben, USA's winningest pro Scott Moninger, Giant/Liv mountain bike pro Serena Bishop Gordon, former mountain bike pro and USAC level 1 coach Brig Brandt, world-class athlete Rebecca Rusch, and Velocious master coach and TrainingPeaks WKO product leader Tim Cusick.


Tim's experience at creating subtle workouts and workout progressions resulted in more dramatic change in less time than when I was working with a Level 2 USAC coach. And having access to all of the expert coaches added breadth to the experience. The Strava group was especially important for me as it built comradery with the other athletes and helped me to dig deeper when I saw them dig deeper.

Bruce L, BaseCamp Team Member 2019

Incredible Value

For as low as $88 a month, you can start your next season stronger and faster than ever before. Our base training program is the perfect hybrid, a cross between a fully custom (more expensive) personal coach and a generic (less expensive) training plan.


Social Training Community

Our diverse community of like minded athletes will take away those winter doldrums.  No more watching Grand Tour reruns in the basement; Train Where You Belong!  Join other riders from around the world to train, ride, and work together to achieve your goals. Friendly leaderboards, competitions, group rides and social Zoom meeting to keep you motivated.

BaseCamp is such an excellent program, which, by the way, had an incredible effect on Liz, who this summer is a monster!

            Cameron R, BaseCamp Team Member 2020

Extra BaseCamp Benefits

The BaseCamp program allows you to build your total training solution by choosing your membership package. You'll also get special members-only pricing on select indoor trainers, products and nutrition to build your perfect pain cave.

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A father’s message, a daughter’s mission, and a call to action for all who desire to live with purpose, explore with passion, and create lasting change. The Be Good Foundation enriches communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.


The Dare To Be Project is a charitable organization founded by U.S. Olympic cyclist Amber Neben. Dare To Be uses the sport of cycling to inspire and equip physically-challenged youth to see beyond their limitations, embrace what they can do, and dare to be who they dream to be.

Frequently Asked questions

Do we ride together?

We do! It's part of how we live our mission: train where you belong. We offer numerous coach-led workout rides and ad hoc social meet ups.


I'm new to cycling. Is this program too advanced for me?

Not at all! We're really excited you're here. BaseCamp makes it possible for cyclists of all levels to interact with top professionals and coaches, and to learn as they train.

Do I need to do all the training indoors?

All workouts can be done indoors or outdoors. For indoor workouts, you can link Zwift, RGT, or other third-party apps to your TrainingPeaks account to sync the workouts seamlessly. For outdoor workouts, link Garmin Connect or other head unit applications to load workouts automatically.


Do I need a smart trainer or a power meter?

No; our structured workouts also include heart rate and perceived exertion targets. However, a smart trainer or power meter is more precise and will enhance the program for you.


What if I want strength training and nutrition guidance?

We've got you covered! You can choose the membership level that will provide the strength and nutrition support you need.


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