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“This is your invitation to join our impressive performance network and train with me!” 

- Rebecca Rusch

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You set the goals. BaseCamp helps you reach them.

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The 360° Program

BaseCamp RPI brings Rebecca Rusch's training team to you so you can train alongside her.  The program is designed by her coach, Tim Cusick, and is focused on getting you in peak fitness for your RPI event. Dr. Namrita Brooke handles the nutrition to make sure you are fueling to achieve your goals and Rebecca brings the stoke.

8 Weeks of Customized Training

Basecamp Head coaches Tim Cusick and Dr. Namrita Brooke design your cycling training program, customized to your RPI specific event, training history, needs, and schedule. Nutrition is built in to maximize your results.


Hands-On Coaching

Your BaseCamp experience is designed, implemented, and coached by BaseCamp's team of world-class coaches and professional cyclists as we ride and train along with you. 

Engaging Community

Train where cyclists of all levels belong. BaseCamp is a vibrant, worldwide, social training community that trains together to motivate and help each other learn and grow. 

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Targeted, Structured, and Flexible

BaseCamp gives you a personalized training plan and workouts targeted at your ability and current fitness.  Structured workouts are delivered to your head unit, online training system, phone, and/or email. 

Train with Rebeca Rusch and crush your RPI goals! 

Why train alone when you can train where you belong?

Tired of training alone? Train where you belong! Join our diverse cycling community to train alongside Rebecca Rusch, her coach Tim Cusick, and Dr. Namrita Brooke. In this 8-week community coaching program, you'll train under the guidance of BaseCamp head coach Tim Cusick while Dr. Brooke guides your nutrition. Rebecca will be training along with you as we prepare for Rebecca's Private Idaho!

The RPI BaseCamp training program is open to all RPI participants (click here to register for RPI if you haven't already). The training program begins July 3, and we recommend signing up as soon as possible.


Here are the two simple steps to join us:​

  1. Sign up for RPI BaseCamp on this page.

  2. If you don't have a TrainingPeaks account, create one for free here