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Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.

- Edsger Dijkstra

A training community for cyclists of all levels, BaseCamp will transform the way you train by giving you everything you need to reach your goals in a community training environment.

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The seven steps of BaseCamp Community

Step 1: Join the community
Sign up today!  Your membership plan includes 16-weeks of on the bike training, nutrition, strength and biomechanics delivered in our community training program.  Full access to all BaseCamp coaches and programs.  
Step 2: Tell us about yourself
Complete our training assessment and analysis survey, supplying us with information on your training goals and availability along with your training history. We use the information provided to build your customized training plan. 
Step 3: Get connected 
Join our private Facebook group to interact with your coaches and fellow BaseCampers. We also recommend downloading the free Zoom app so you're ready for our meetings and social gatherings.  Don't worry, if you are not a user of social media, we put out a weekly summary digest email to keep you in the know.  
Step 4: Start your coaching
We train with you, and we're here to help. Our coaching team is here to walk you through each step of your training, posting training previews, workout analysis, tips and startiegies to help you achieve your peak performance. Ask questions and get real answers in the private Facebook group, online forum or email digest.  
Step 5: Start riding
Follow the plan and join the coach-led group Zwift workouts every week (you can also do the workouts on your our own, indoors or out). All workouts are in a structured format and can be uploaded to third-party apps like (Zwift, Rouvy, RGT, etc.) or to any popular head unit outdoors. 
Step 6: Keep the conversations going
Visit and post in the Facebook group, post on the coach forum, read our content blogs and/or join our coach-led Zoom meetings. Interact and grow and learn as a community! 
Step 7: Join in the fun
Sign up for one of our BaseCamp challenges, join our recipe or photo contests or crack a beer and join us for one of our happy hours.  Yes, we train hard but we keep it motivational and fun!
Key elements of BaseCamp





Have questions? Check out our FAQs here.

Who participates

Our members are everyday riders like you who want to improve their fitness for the accomplishment of an event such as a gran fondo, sportive, century ride, or similar. One of the best parts of this program is getting to train with the pros without needing to be a pro.