How BaseCamp Works

BaseCamp is a training, strength, and nutrition program for cyclists and triathletes. Join hundreds of other riders around the world in a virtual training community to make your base training fun, effective, and motivational!

2022 Winter Program: November 29, 2021 through March 20, 2022

BaseCamp is a cross between a reasonably-priced training plan and an expensive personal coach, with the added benefit of a social training community to support you throughout the four-month base training period and beyond. Join our private Facebook group to talk with the expert coaches, interact with other group members, and ask questions, and join the coaches and other members for group rides on Zwift twice a week.

How it Works

Step 1:  Join the community.
Choose your membership package.

Step 2:  Tell us about yourself. 

Complete our training assessment analysis to build your customized training plan. This step begins November 8!

Step 3:  Get connected.

Join our private Facebook group (it opens November 8!) to interact with your coaches and fellow BaseCampers, and download the Zoom app so you're ready for the member meetings.

Step 4:  Receive your customized training plan.

Your plan will be loaded into your TrainingPeaks account a week or two before the program starts on November 29. If you don't have a TrainingPeaks account, you can get one free.

Step 5:  Start riding.

Follow the plan and join our group workouts every week (if you're unable to join the group rides, you can do the workouts on your own, either outdoors or indoors).

Step 6:  Keep the conversations going.

Visit the Facebook group and join the Zoom meetings to ask questions and chat with your fellow BaseCampers.

Once you join BaseCamp, you become part of the family! You'll train with Tim Cusick, Brig Brandt, Amber Neben, Serena Gordon, Rebecca Rusch, and the rest of the team.


Have questions about BaseCamp? Contact Kathy any time. We're happy to help!

What You Need To Participate

All you really need for BaseCamp is a bike and a free TrainingPeaks account. The workouts are all written in detail in TrainingPeaks' structured workout format and can be executed outdoors or on any trainer indoors.

However, if you want to make the most of BaseCamp, we do have a few recommendations:

A bike and a trainer (preferably a smart trainer)


TrainingPeaks account (the free basic account works perfectly)


An active Facebook account if you'd like to participate in our private Facebook group


An active Zwift account if you'd like to join our online group workouts


A free Zoom account if you'd like to join our social group gatherings

A power meter or heart rate monitor

Our plans are all power based for maximal gains, and we highly recommend training with power to make the most of your program, but we do offer a version based on heart rate data for anyone who does not have a power meter.

Resistance bands, kettlebells, and a door anchor for strength training

Who Participates in BaseCamp

Who is BaseCamp? Our members are everyday riders like you who want to improve their fitness for the accomplishment of an event such as a gran fondo, sportive, century ride, or similar. One of the best parts of this program is getting to train with the pros without needing to be a pro.

Proudly Supporting

BE GOOD-8.png

A father’s message, a daughter’s mission, and a call to action for all who desire to live with purpose, explore with passion, and create lasting change. The Be Good Foundation enriches communities by using the bicycle as a catalyst for healing, empowerment, and evolution.


The Dare To Be Project is a charitable organization founded by U.S. Olympic cyclist Amber Neben. Dare To Be uses the sport of cycling to inspire and equip physically-challenged youth to see beyond their limitations, embrace what they can do, and dare to be who they dream to be.