RPI BaseCamp 2021 Recap

We teamed up with Rebecca Rusch to host a 9-week BaseCamp training program for Rebecca's Private Idaho this year, and here are just a few of the great pictures and warm thoughts from our training community.


I wanted to finish by saying how incredible and personal my RPI experience was. Biking connected me to a new amazing friend which led me to RPI. I may not have known much about the event or Rebecca before this (as I am very newer to cycling). This journey has taught me a lot, not just about me, but the community around me. I am so grateful for the experience, for Basecamp, and Rebecca for sharing so much of you with us! You are a beautiful human that contagiously radiates your energy to this around you! I was so impressed by the training and the event! So well put together and so many details taken care of. Kudos to all the volunteers who helped make this event so special for me! I look forward to winter basecamp and returning to RPI next year! Cheers!

Stephanie Spiak


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