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A guide to renting a bike in Mallorca

Probably the most frequently asked question we get about camp is this: should I rent a bike or bring my own? We often suggest packing and bringing your own bike to our camps, but for the Mallorca camp, we recommend that you rent a bike instead. Why? In Mallorca our hotel has made it so simple and easy to rent a quality bicycle that it’s hard to find a reason not to take advantage of the process.

So how easy is it, exactly? You’ll reserve your bike online in advance, and then when you check in to the hotel, you’ll be handed your bike access key. Bring it down to the bike station, and you’ll find your bike hanging on its numbered hook and ready to go. It’s that simple.

cyclists with a bike in the Viva Blue cycling station
The Viva bike station is amazing! No dark storage area, but an open, sunny complex with a full bike shop with tools, pumps, bike stands, wash station, and food and drink stations.

Mallorca is a cycling destination, and our hotel is fully equipped with a 400-bike storage area featuring a full bike shop (the Viva Cycling Station by S'Escapada Bikes) with rentals. The shop is located right in the bike storage facility and is a full service center. This means you won’t have to leave the grounds or go through a hassle to pick up your rental bike; it’s just there when you arrive, ready and waiting.

cyclists in the Viva Blue cycling station rental shop
Full-service shop right in the hotel, ready to help maintain your rental bike or pick out some new toys

The rental process

The process is simple: click here and select a bike. They rent quality Specialized and Cannondale bikes, all the current model year and very well maintained. Pick your bike, enter your measurements, confirm your reservation (if it asks for a hotel booking number, type "BaseCamp group"), and you're all set.

We strongly suggest reserving your bike immediately upon registering for our camp. The shop has a large fleet of bikes, but sizing can get tricky if you wait till March to reserve. The shop also closes from late November to late February, so it’s best to reserve before they close for the winter.

Getting your bike

The Viva Cycling Station is part of the hotel, which means they can make the bike collection process as simple as possible. When you check in to the hotel, you’ll receive two keys, one to your room and one to your bike. Take the bike key to the bike storage area, find the hook with your number, and unlock your bike. It’s that simple.

Setting up your bike

As you check in to the hotel, Velocious staff and mechanics will be in the bike storage area to assist you in the final setup of your bike. If the measurements are off or if you need to swap a stem or saddle, we’re there to help.

Bike rental FAQs

What gearing/gears do I need?

One of the reasons Mallorca is such a great winter training location is that there are numerous climbs ranging from 2 kilometers to 35 kilometers, but they’re all steady grades. Most climbs are 5-7% average, and you’ll rarely see even a short climb over 7%. Rental bikes are set up with compact gearing with 28-12 cassettes. This is perfect for the island, as it will give you a good range on the climbs and still allow you to move well on the flats.

Can I bring my own saddle?

Yes! Most people who have an issue with a rental bike really have an issue with the rental saddle. If you like a highly-specific saddle, I recommend bringing your own. Our staff or the bike shop staff will gladly install it for you upon arrival.

Do I need to bring my measurements?

The one measurement that’s super helpful to bring with you is the measurement from the front tip of your saddle to the center of the stem. Knowing this will help us tweak your reach if needed, and if you put this measurement in the order notes when you reserve your rental bike, the shop can set it up to your reach. As a bonus, if you know your saddle setback, bring that too.

Are there tools and pumps in the bike facility?

Yes, there are bike pumping stations, a tool station, and a washing station (our team will wash your bike for you to keep things clean and ready for each day).

Are there other bike rental options?

Yes. One of the most convenient options is the Rad Salon, which is located about 50 meters from the hotel bike facility exit. This shop rents some nice bikes, too, including BMC time machines. If you choose to use the Rad Salon, you'll need to go pick up your bike and bring it to the hotel upon check-in, as they will not allow us to get your bike for you. It’s very easy, however, as the shop is just outside the hotel exit.

Have more questions we haven’t covered? Email us at any time at; we're happy to help.

We look forward to seeing you in Mallorca!


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