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Ken's story: Open Range Gravel Race 2022

BaseCamp alumnus and photographer Ken Carl shared his experience at the Open Range Gravel Race in Pratt, Kansas.

Had a bit of fun this weekend in Pratt Kansas. Open Range two day camping ride. I chose not to pack my bike and took the easy way of dropping my stuff of the evening before. It was a wonderful, strange, difficult, sometimes stressful two days of riding with good friends. High winds (gusts up to 45 mph) crushed us both ways as the wind shifted overnight. My Wahoo registered 120 degrees the first day and no higher than 70 the second day. Heat exhaustion slowed a few of crew. Bottom line I felt really good. Had energy to help my mates when needed. Our BaseCamp fatigue resistance training paid off big time. Not sure if I would do it again yet glad I did it at least once.


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