BaseCamp Training Plan

Based on your training survey, we will choose a training plan that fits with your goals, training time, and fitness. Your training plan will be loaded directly into your TrainingPeaks account. See below for two weeks of a sample plan.

2021 Winter Program: November 30, 2020 - March 21, 2021

Written by Pros for athletes of all levels

Your 16-week winter base training plan is tailored to your level of experience, so it doesn’t matter if you've just started riding or if you've been riding for years. The plan uses science-based workouts to build your aerobic engine and base fitness, while also working to improve your cycling efficiency. Click here to read more about how BaseCamp works.

The BaseCamp training program is designed by our expert coaches. As a BaseCamp member, you'll be interacting with the coaching team daily via our vibrant social network, asking questions and receiving a constant flow of training feedback and education to help maximize your results. 

The workouts use the TrainingPeaks structured workout format so that they are delivered daily to your email and linked directly to Zwift or other third-party online training apps, or to your head unit for outdoor training.

Here are a few highlights of the BaseCamp program:

  • 16-week training plan customized to your goals, riding time, and training maturity

  • Fully-supported "getting started" program to help you get set up and ready to train

  • Free basic TrainingPeaks account

  • Daily workout emails and schedule reminders

  • Structured workouts that can be automatically loaded and executed indoors or out

  • Coach-led group evening workouts 2-3 days per week, offered at two different times each day to accommodate various time zones

  • Community-led Zwift Meet-Ups allowing for social, small group training

Sample Training Plan

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training challenges

Part of successful training is staying motivated!  We blend monthly training challenges into your program to help inspire your training and stretch your abilities. Whether you join a challenge to compete or complete, these fun monthly events will keep your training rolling along.

Frequently Asked questions

Can we train together?

Absolutely. This is the core of our mission: to train where you belong. BaseCamp is a solution to boring winter training, bringing people together from around the world to train through coach-led group workouts on Zwift, unique group challenges, and community meet-ups.

How many group rides are there per week?

Official coach-led rides occur at least 4-5 times per week, typically on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with occasional Saturday challenge events. We offer multiple group workout start times to help fit into your busy schedule.

Can I train with other BaseCamp members?

Yes! We encourage you to meet up with other team members through our ride meet-up posting board so you can train together. 

Is this training program focused on a specific event?

BaseCamp customizes your base/foundation training to prepare you for success by implementing a plan focused on your needs, event types, and goals. 

I only have 6-8 hours a week to train. Can I do this program?

Yes! We supply programs for a range of available training time, typically between 6-14 hours a week.


Do I need a Premium TrainingPeaks Account?

Not at all. If you do not already have an account set up, you can sign up for a free basic account which will allow you to fully participate in BaseCamp.

Can I link the workouts to Zwift?

You bet! You can link the accounts so that each day's workout is loaded automatically.

Can I alter or change my training plan?

Of course! And if you need some help, we're available in the Facebook group to answer questions and give advice to help you establish the perfect training program for your goals.

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