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Workout preview: VO2max Micro Intervals, Week 10, Tuesday

No climbing block; today we push power.

1. Warm up well, using the fast pedals to open. Don't slack off today. If you have available time to extend your warmup a few minutes, today is a good day to do it.

2. The short Endurance section is a good time for a gel or a small bite of food if you've been running. The intensity is high, so don't let low sugar be the limiter on your power. Keep your breathing in Gear 1.

3. We have three sets of 40 seconds ON followed by 20 seconds OFF (micro intervals). Don't overthink these. The idea is to go HARD for 40 seconds, soft pedal and clear lactate for 20 seconds, and repeat for six minutes. The power target is a guide; feel free to cover your power meter and just go! Your body will self regulate the power. One key to success is to slightly control the first interval. Remember to drink (maybe eat) in the rest intervals. Use Gear 3 breathing!

4. This is a high-cadence Endurance power section that will require some concentration! Control your breathing. Don't panic if the first few minutes feel heavy; you'll come around.

5. Cool down, focusing on good recovery. That was a tough workout!


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