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Workout preview: Sweet Spot Break and Finish Intervals, Week 13, Thursday

No climbing block today, and no ERG mode, unless you'd like to use ERG on the first interval to feel the power changes and then turn it off for the remainder of the workout.

When you finish the workout, compare it to your last Sweet Spot Break and Finish Interval workout a couple weeks ago. Are you stronger today? Is your heart rate higher a week after rest week?

1. Warm up well, using the fast pedals to open up. No slacking! If you have time to extend your warmup a few minutes, today is a good day to do it.

2. Practice Gear 1 breathing in this short Endurance session. This is a good time for a gel or a small bite of food if you've been running. We have three long intervals in this workout, so let's set ourselves up for success.

3. We start with 3 x 18-min Break and Finish intervals. Make these fun again! Use your imagination to think about your goal race event or a fun scenario with friends. Start controlled and then give a strong 45-second, high-cadence push to get yourself off the front.

4. We settle in but push for a few more minutes to establish the break, then find a good rhythm for the middle section. Check your breathing. Practice drinking under load and getting your heart rate back under control. Pick up the pace for four minutes as we get closer to home.

5. Begin the lead-out for the sprint, then sprint! Just go! Don't worry about power…dig it out.

6. Recover and cool down.


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