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Deb's story: Moran 166

BaseCamper Deb Laurie shared her experience at the 2023 Moran 166 event in Michigan.

My 1st gravel race, this last Saturday; the Moran166...rode the 66 mile event. A huge thanks to BaseCamp, Tim Cusick, Namrita Brooke, and other coaches! I could not have had such a great experience without the training, support, comradery of other BaseCampers! And to my friend, Tracy Paul-Hardin Gravlin, who recommended BaseCamp to me. I felt confident, strong, and was able to push beyond what I thought I could do. I finished 16 out of 52 women and was the oldest female. Also, meeting other BaseCampers at Ken Carl and wife Cindy’s snug little VRBO for a pre-race dinner was simply awesome! It has been several years since I stopped triathlon and trail running races, so my training had taken a break!


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