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Workout preview: Supra Threshold Builder Intervals, Week 15, Tuesday

Don't use a climbing block today. Turn ERG mode off during the intervals.

1. Warm up well with the usual fast pedals. Get ready for another big workout!

2. Let's use this long Endurance section to settle in at a comfortable pace, enough to help us get ready to go hard. Today is the day to really dig, so let's be ready. Be on top of hydration and nutrition. Check in on your breathing.

3. Start with a hard 2-minute dig with a slightly lower cadence. Make it a good push to set the tone for the next six minutes.

4. In the six minutes that follow the opening push, drop another gear and move to even lower cadence. Imagine grinding out the power on a steep climb. Find a good, strong power rhythm and remember to power down. Control power on the first interval, then cover your power meter and dig it out by feel for the next two. Push over your threshold and be uncomfortable!

5. We'll take a long recovery to cool down and finish off the ride. Start your recovery process, get your breathing back under control, finish your bottles and snacks, and bask in the glory of the big efforts!


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