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Workout preview: Power Tempo, Week 5, Tuesday

This workout will be done in ERG mode.

1. We'll get in a good warm-up! If you have extra time to spin light for an extra 5-10 minutes, today is a good day to do it. We get into the intervals quickly after the usual fast pedals.

This is breathing week! Begin to practice breathing through your "gears" during the warmup. Start in Gear 1 and see how long you can stay there before you need to shift to Gear 2 in the fast pedals. As you recover, shift back to Gear 1.

2. The warm-up is followed by a short session of Endurance. Settle in, eat, drink, and get ready! Use Gear 1 here if you can.

3. We start with a 1-minute high-cadence power surge. Spin the power up and hold it. Shift to Gear 2 breathing.

4. Immediately after the hard start, we settle into Tempo power. Do your best not to let the power drop below Tempo. The cadence target is 70-80 rpm; this slightly lower cadence will add an element of muscle endurance. By pedaling slower, the force demand increases. We also do not want to lose sight of how important it is to be able to make power across a range of cadences.

Tempo will feel good. With ERG on, we're gated into the zone; going harder is not going to help us. Be patient and stay with the process. Continue to use the ERG to help you feel a steady Tempo.

Check your breathing throughout this section. When you think about it, try to practice Gear 1 or 2: nice and controlled, deep and rhythmical.

5. After the recovery, we settle into a high-cadence Endurance pace. We'll use this time to groove our faster pedaling and build some fatigue resistance in the signaling pathways.

Can you get back to Gear 1 breathing here?

6. Cool down.


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