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Workout preview: Hour of Power, Week 6, Thursday

We'll do this workout in ERG mode.

Today we're adding time in zone to the Hour of Power workout.

1. We warm up as usual with our three fast pedals. Add light Endurance time before as needed. Hopefully we're thinking less and doing more with the Gear 1 and 2 breathing. Continue to practice!

2. Let's use the short Endurance segment to settle our breathing and to drink and eat as needed. The interval is long!

3. We're focusing on a slightly lower cadence again today. We start with a low-cadence power surge and then…

4. …settle immediately into Tempo power. Repeat the low-cadence surge every 5 minutes, each time doing our best to go directly back to Tempo power. Practice your breathing techniques here.

The surges are controlled and not max power, so you should be fine managing the power, the lactate, and the change in rhythm. If you're feeling strong later in the ride, allow power to drift upward. Don't force it, just allow it to drift up in the zone. The better answer is to extend time rather than pushing power, so drift within the zone.

Today's surges should feel a little better. Although our legs may be more fatigued, our bodies should be managing the lactate and the change in rhythm better today.

5. Cool down.


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