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Workout preview: Power Fruit Loops, Week 7, Thursday

We have eight bowls of fruit loops on the menu today! This is a sneaky, fun, and challenging Tempo workout. We'll alternate two minutes of standing low cadence with two minutes of seated high-cadence spinning, then recover for one minute. By eight bowls, I mean eight repeats!

ERG is a choice today. Try the first part with it on and then turn it off.

1. We'll do our usual warm-up; if you need a little longer to warm up, take it! You know your body and what it needs. Don't feel locked into the blue-box warm-up structure. If you're joining a group ride, remember to jump on the bike 10-15 minutes early to get in the extra light spinning.

Settle into your breathing during the warmup; aim to find Gear 1. Do the fast pedals progressively faster for you. Go where your body allows. Start in ERG to help find and feel the power.

2. The aerobic power section is more of an aerobic push to get us ready to roll. Ride with or without ERG as you choose. Don't forget to breathe! Use Gear 1 in the aerobic section, shifting to Gear 2 if needed.

3. Turn ERG off here if you're comfortable doing so. Find a tune that has a rhythm at 70 bpm and let your legs dance to the beat during the standing low cadence; strong power drive down. After two minutes, immediately sit and spin at a high cadence, maintaining Tempo power. Spin easy for a minute in between, and repeat eight times (or let's say eight bowls of fruit loops).

The ability to stand or sit while climbing will allow us to mix up muscle groups and surge better. We often get asked whether we should stand or sit, and the answer is often personal. This drill allows us to feel the differences between standing and sitting. Notice the strain required and your body's response; standing might give you more power, but it will activate more muscles and require more fuel and generate more byproduct. Where does the cost and benefit lie for you? There is insight to be gained if you tune in!

Don't forget to breathe! Use your gears. Shift to Gear 3 as you need to, but continue to bring your breath under control. Keep it strong and deep.

4. Settle back into aerobic endurance or drop into recovery mode and natural cadence. Do a breathing check.

5. Cool down.


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