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Workout preview: Sweet Spot with FTP Surges, Week 9, Thursday

Don't use a climbing block today (unless your bike is in a permanent climbing situation).

It's your choice to use ERG or not on the first interval, but turn ERG off on the second so you will have to make the power and not resist it. Don't worry if your power is not perfectly steady; just do your best to smooth it out.

1. We'll get in a good warm-up, using the fast pedals to warm up our engines and brains. Let each pedal get progressively faster based on your body. If you have a few extra minutes to warm up, spin light Endurance.

2. We'll use the Endurance segment to settle into Gear 1 breathing and get our minds ready for our second Sweet Spot workout! We'll extend the intervals in this one.

3. We'll settle into Sweet Spot pace at our natural cadence (80-90 rpm is most common). As you already know, Sweet Spot power is higher than Tempo and lower than FTP. It should be very doable and repeatable. Settle into a good pedaling and breathing rhythm (Gear 2). Continue to focus on holding the Sweet Spot after the surges. We can do this!

How does the pace feel? If you crushed your FTP pace, you'll be riding in your new zones today. The power is in you. Settle into the feel and don't let the new numbers scare you!

4. Next is a high-cadence surge. The surges are strong, but they are not max. We'll use the high cadence to spin up the power, shifting our breathing to Gear 3 as needed. We'll feel these, but they are doable. Use your breathing as you return to Sweet Spot.

5. Recover and cool down, settling back to Gear 1 breathing.


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