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Bee's story: Full Everest

After participating in the 2021-2022 session of BaseCamp, Bee joined the Giddy Up Challenge and completed her first full Everest!

I DID IT! Full Everest with the help of so many friends. ❤️ I'm full of gratitude and such happiness.

It's been an "interesting" 10 months.

  1. Cycling accident in July that left me fortunate to still be here.

  2. Freaking out in Oct that I'd never regain my fitness.

  3. Training with an AMAZING group of coaches and athletes through BaseCamp.

  4. More training with Team Reel. The bestest group.

  5. Setting a huge goal of Everesting.

  6. Great sadness at the passing of my mother-in-law last week.

  7. Completing my goal on Memorial Day. Remembering all of those that have fought to protect everyone of us. Allowing us to do great things!!

If that doesn't define the circle of life, I'm not really sure what does. Everything happens for a reason and I'm the luckiest person in the world to be at this place at this time.


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