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Brenda's story: Paris to Ancaster 2022

BaseCamp member Brenda Cole shared her experience at the Paris to Ancaster spring cycling classic in Ontario.

P2A 100 KM April 24 successfully completed on Sunday with temps starting in the low 60s (5c) and then ending hot! Paris to Ancaster was my 3rd ever race and lots of firsts. For example...I finally bought a computer so could tell how long I'd been riding and how changer. 🤩 And thanks Beth Collins! 🤣 Super pleased with a 4hr 10 min finish, 2nd in the 55+ category (lol there were only 3) and didn't run short on fuel and a strong happy finish. Thought of you all and glad to channel your warrior spirits...especially the folks who missed out on the Co2Ut ride. Much gratitude BC team. ❣️ P.S. I trashed my booties in the mud.


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