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Faye's story: Quarter Everest

After participating in the 2021-2022 session of BaseCamp, Jennifer joined the Giddy Up Challenge and completed her first Quarter Everest.

Had a great time on our first 1/4 Everest! Thought of all of you often and how you’ve truly inspired me! I had several PRs on segments on the McKenzie Pass in Sisters, Oregon. My first and second trip up I actually held back…that’s never been my experience. In years past, every single time I hit a climb I was in my easiest gear and dying. Not this year! So grateful for all the training, advice and camaraderie with this group! Congrats to everyone in whatever you’ve chosen to do to push yourselves!

Note my top tube mental affirmations. I loved Tim saying, “Where the mind goes, the body follows!” I stayed positive and felt great, even though it was challenging! Thank you!!

So happy to ride with Samuel, who always cheers me on and pushes me to try hard things!


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