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Garry's story: Pineapple Hill Sprint

BaseCamper Garry Kirkland shared his race report of the 2022 Pineapple Hill Sprint event.

I had a great race today, and it was awesome getting to race with Coach Kate and see fellow BaseCamper Sharon Keith out at the course.

I hit my all-time best 20m power average for 315w, gaining an FTP of 299w. I was just short of the 300w mark, a goal I have for this year. I'm not going to adjust my training zones however. I'd like to finish this micro-cycle, and then hopefully replicate or best this effort in a few weeks.

On top of the awesome gains, I made a podium! Its kind of a silly thing; They had a Clydesdale class for the hill climb this year, and I was very likely the heaviest rider on the course today. I'll take 2nd place, thank you very much. The fastest rider navigated the clime in 29:57, while I did so in 40:45 (1st place in Clydesdales was 38:00).


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