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Jaime and Erin's story: Bikepacking the Bizz Johnson Trail

BaseCampers Jaime Baeza and Erin Barnes Jacks shared their experience bikepacking the Bizz Johnson Trail in northern California.

From Jaime:

I've always wanted to visit the Bizz Johnson Trail, and Erin Barnes Jacks was game to go. We’ve trained together virtually since RPI BaseCamp last summer and then met in person in Idaho last year at the Be Good party. It's amazing how the love of pedaling a bike can create friendships. I didn't crash when my rack and bags fell off and dragged behind the back of my wheel up a hill in the first mile (I think I forgot to tighten the strut bolts that hold it to the seat post), or in the PITCH BLACK tunnels when my one light was not enough and I forgot that I still had my sunglasses on, OR after climbing the short, STEEP hill back to the car, then immediately getting chased by a big barking dog while trying to catch my breath -- so I'll call all of those miraculous wins. We cooled in the river and camped in the forest. We made thick camp coffee and shared a flask of old-fashioned. We hid from the relentless mosquitoes in our tents. The mountains continue their call.

From Erin:

Love BaseCamp friendships! Thanks, Jaime, for coming all the way up to northern Cali to go on my first bikepacking trip with me!!! We learned some good lessons, as you should on all worthwhile trips.


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