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Josh's story: Wasatch All-Road

BaseCamper Josh Rhea shared his experience at the 2023 Wasatch All-Road Bicycle Race in Utah.

Where to start? Today was a good day. But two years ago at the inaugural Wasatch All Road, it was not. I made it 8500 feet of climbing into the course but succumbed to bonking and nausea. I rode back to the line in defeat, and honestly in tears. Then last year, I'd had a good run at training for this race when I crashed during a training ride in early August, breaking my scapula, clavicle, and four ribs. Then just last month, I had to abandon the Belgian Waffle Ride Utah due to my first ever bout with covid. But today I had redemption. Couple of minor issues, but I executed my race plan to perfection. Ended up 4/21 old guy class, and so stoked I had power and stamina the entire race. 62 miles and 6634 feet vert. Two years ago I thought I'd finished my "season of gravel" and I'd move on back to my roots in mountain biking. And while mtb will always hold sway, gravel is here to stay.

P.S. As good as it felt to have everything fall into place, it also made me realize how small the event itself really was in the grand scheme of things. The lead up and life and overall fitness and enjoyment is so much more than just the one day.

BaseCamp cyclist riding on gravel road


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