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Mike's story: an interview about the National Senior Games

BaseCamper Mike Adsit, a four-time cancer survivor, shares an interview with WGVU about his training history and participation in the upcoming National Senior Games.

In all frankness, the inspiration of Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation figuratively saved my life. Sitting in a cancer clinic in 2001, Lance's recovery from testicular cancer and return to racing gave me something to mentally grab on to. It ignited my passion for cycling and cancer survivorship. "The obligation of the cured." Plus an early research study that indicated vigorous exercise increases cancer survival by 40-50%.

My subsequent multi- year involvement with the Livestrong Foundation and participating in state and national Senior Games is all about inspiring cancer survivorship and developing a positive mindset for living on with the terrible disease. Two out of five of us will have cancer in our lifetime. A grim statistic, but advancing medical science and the recognition that a healthy lifestyle gives one hope. There are 17 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today, and Livestrong is one national organization focusing on survivorship.

Thank you, BaseCamp community, for your support and your wheel!


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