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Mike's story: Virginia Senior Games Cycling 20k

BaseCamper Mike Adsit shared his experience at the 2022 Virginia Senior Games.

Gold! Virginia Senior Games 20k RR. 70-74. 1K of climbing, steep 1/2 mile hills, sharp curve downhills.

Locals say these western Virginia roads are the hardest anywhere. Elevations are consistent 100’/mile climbs. No flats. Just climb and steep curves down. Lot of work for a 205# racer. Grabbing a lot of brakes at times. A need to work on at Tim & Kathy's fall camp.

Qualified for 2023 National Senior Games. Grateful. From 3x bypass 20 months ago. BaseCamp was the key starting point. Solid coaching with Jim Pomeroy. Group support by fellow BaseCampers. Even wore my new Be Good socks by Rebecca. LIVESTRONG.

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