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Nathan's story: Mad Gravel Hemi Hustle

BaseCamp athlete Nathan Trachta shared his experience at the 2024 Mad Gravel Hemi Hustle gravel race in Colorado.

Did the Mad Gravel Hemi Hustle for Memorial Day weekend; 30 miles of washboard gravel road and single track in Elbert Colorado. This is my second time doing this event and course, and last year I lost my car keys while racing (the staff was outstanding and found them when they swept the course). This year I had a really good ride and finished 29th out of 151 riders, 5th of 24 in age group. As for time, 2:13:17, which was almost 21 minutes faster than last year. The best part about this was Mad Gravel threw a trick to me again; this time I forgot my cycling shoes and had to ride the event with my running shoes on spd pedals, so who knows what the finish time and position would have been with proper shoes on.


Hi Nathan! I did that event too !! LOL - took a wrong turn after the aid station and did a part of the 100 mile East Loop. Kudos for doing that course and washboard in your running shoes! I can not imagine how you stayed on the pedals!

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I saw a couple of people on the 30 miler do the same! Go straight when they should have turned. Ugh!!

Next up is Tour de Steamboat. Let me know if you’re going!

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