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Paul's story: Virtual ride group meets up in person

Paul J. led weekly meetup rides during the 2020-2021 session of BaseCamp, and he dubbed the early-morning rides the "Dawn Patrol" group. This is the story of those online ride buddies riding together in real life!

Day 1

Real life Dawn Patrol meetup!!! Three of our original Dawn Patrol meetup crew met in Stowe, Vermont, for 3 days of gravel riding! Daniel mapped out a sweet 46-mile route with 4800 feet of climbing that we knocked out today. We had a great ride, and it is super cool to actually meet and ride with Daniel and Heath after so many miles logged on Zwift together over the winter.

Day 2

Today was 70 miles with 7500 feet of climbing. This ride had a little of everything: single track, class 4 roads, steep climbs, and blazing descents. It was awesome! Special thanks again to Daniel for putting together such an amazing route. Everyone rode great, but we are tired now (Daniel and Heath are napping again).

Day 3

Today was the 3rd and final day of our IRL meetup. Just 25 miles and "only" 2500 feet of climbing. The pace was chill, the gravel was as smooth as butter, and the scenery was outstanding. Thanks again to Heath and Daniel (and honorary DP member for the weekend,

Douglas Marks) for making this such a fantastic weekend of riding and hanging out. Of course, thanks to Tim Cusick and the rest of the BaseCamp team for the training platform and camaraderie that led to such a great weekend!


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