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Rachelle's story: Racing after a hip labrum tear

BaseCamper Rachelle Gehr shared her experience recovering from and racing after a hip labrum tear.

I haven't said much about my hip labrum tear because there are not many answers and very limited studies on this situation. I'm grateful to have my pain under control without medicating other than occasional ibuprofen. I have focused on keeping a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) that is a strong focus of BaseCamp, and this has me taking a different view on biking and racing. I'm gonna just do what I'm capable of to the best of my current ability and just keep riding. I've surprised myself for the end of the season races I've been able to jump into and I hope to encourage others to try something new and race. My season definitely wasn't a bust, it has been a blast with my Otterhaus/K&F Construction Racing teammates! Amazing friends have come out of biking and I'm looking forward to some fun fall riding in the near future.

Basecamp has helped me get on with this journey and focus on what I can do, not what I can't. PMA is the real deal. When I could only do short rides, I could breathe. I just realized my HR is 10 bpm faster before I need to go to gear 2 breathing. I just ordered a gravel bike to keep pushing myself to address my fears. Looking forward to gravel camp!


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