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Roman's story: Kloster Gravel

BaseCamper Roman Rahner shares his experience at the 2023 Kloster Gravel event.

Sunday I attended my 2nd ever race and it went quite well. There were 2 formats, 50 and 100km on a 16km gravel round course, and I did the 50. On the first lap, a big group held together, but then at the beginning of the 2nd lap, a small group attacked and established a break. I was too far in the rear and missed the attack, but managed to close the gap with a big effort.

Initially I managed to hold on to the lead group, but then on a cobblestone section my chain jumped off, and this time I didn't even try to close the gap. 😅 A few minutes later a small group caught me, in which I stayed to the finish. I miscalculated my strength, tried to break away on the last kilometer, way too early, got caught, and finished last of this group. Anyways, at least I tried and still finished 3rd in my age group. A very happy day, which made me very thankful for the great training and preparation of all sort in this community. 😊


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