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Shannon's story: 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

BaseCamp member Shannon Scanlon shared her experience with her husband, Den, at the 2023 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo event.

Our race recap! Ten laps in 24 hours, 13th in the Duo category and a great learning experience for my first MTB race. Only casualty was a hand full of cactus spike.

We went into the race to just have FUN and learn from the event, since this was my first MTB race. It was a great event and we were happy with the results. Thanks to Namrita Brooke’s advice, soup between laps was the perfect nutrition for me. Main lesson learned: a body in motion stays in motion. Because of BaseCamp, we had the endurance, but sleep deprivation is a little harder to train for and therefore missed a few lap opportunities to nap for a couple hours.


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