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Stephanie's story: Shasta Gravel Hugger

BaseCamper Stephanie Spiak shared her experience at the Shasta Gravel Hugger event over the weekend.

Every race has so much to offer. My goal with the Shasta Gravel Hugger was to try something new. In the past I have been pretty conservative at the start wanting to make sure I had enough in the tank. At Shasta I wanted to see what a fast hard start felt like. I got in a pretty quick group to start and we went out hard, I held a great pace for the first 65 miles of the race, I felt good about clothing choice, tire choice , fuel and hydration. I had lost quite a bit of air in my back tire and had to pull off to add some and lost my group. This is about when the headwind kicked In and my mental strength dropped. I struggled finding wheels to grab and battled the rest of the race at a much slower pace. I was super happy to cross the finish line and felt very accomplished at opening the season with such a beast. It was such a great to meet Amber Neben and Serena Bishop Gordon congrats to you both in an amazing race!! My finish was far from the top, but I did end up with 2nd in masters women and got $100 Castelli gift card so that was a bonus. 🤗 Beautiful course!


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