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T.J.'s story: Around the Rock 2021

I did a thing today - not quite Everesting, but a big thing for me! I attempted Around the Rock last year and abandoned at mile 120 (of 155). I went out a little too hard in an attempt to keep up with a group that was probably a bit fast for me. PLUS for the first 6 hours, I ate only a handful of trail mix and then an Amy’s bean and cheddar burrito at hour 6. Needless to say, by mile 120, I was pretty well worked!

Today, I went out at a more modest perceived effort, even though I set a ton of PRs in the first half (thanks Team BaseCamp)! And, thanks to Coach Namrita Brooke’s tutelage, I consumed 484g of carbs, which is a little shy of the recommended 60 g/hour, which set me up to make the big climb up Teton Pass at the end and pass at least 8 other cyclists!

I have an email from BaseCamp with a mid-season questionnaire. This is DEFINITELY going in as a big accomplishment for me!


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