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Tracy's story: Michigan Mountain Mayhem

2020-2021 BaseCamper Tracy Gravlin shared her experience at the Michigan Mountain Mayhem Spring Classic!

Finally able to do an event!! The Michigan Mountain Mayhem 100km. I sported my BaseCamp bibs and was proud to wear them. This is a very hilly course, and I wasn’t sure about it and riding alone. The first half I felt like I was flying and felt so strong. When the relentless climbing came, I just stayed steady and felt good. The hills dropped my average from 17.5 to 15.5, but I am fine with that and proud of my effort. I passed a whole lot of riders on the hills. I just kept telling myself I could do it! 68 miles with lots of smiles along the way. This 65-year-old body felt Basecamp strong.


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