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BaseCamp 2024: What's New

Train, learn, and experience a cycling community like no other. BaseCamp's group coaching program is back for 2023-2024 and better than ever. Here’s why!

Our 360-degree approach to performance is even more powerful this year!


  • All-new training plans written by Tim Cusick that can be executed outdoors or indoors

  • Plans featuring our new Dynamic Training Protocols (DTP) to optimize your indoor training for outdoor performance

  • New training plan levels based on training experience and years in BaseCamp to further individualize your training and support your specific needs. Plans are determined by discipline and hours as always; now we have beginner, intermediate, and advanced versions.

  • A 50% increase in Zwift group workouts to increase morning and evening accessibility for members


  • Additional courses and more advanced integration of nutrition with training in educational sessions

  • New, streamlined energy needs calculator using a web-based form to calculate estimated calorie needs for different training days based on age, body size, and sex

  • New alumni-only weight-loss cohort option before BaseCamp begins led by Dr. Namrita Brooke, RDN

  • Energy needs targets integrated with the training plans to help optimize energy balance and energy availability by scaling energy intake to expenditure


  • All-new beginner and advanced plans by Menachem Brodie

  • New condensed program designed to be completed in less than 20 minutes per session three times per week to save time and streamline your training week

  • New videos and program demos to improve form and execution

Mental Performance

  • Carrie Jackson joins our coaching performance team this year, allowing us to better develop and support whole athlete health and performance


BaseCamp University, our in-depth education program, now includes all-new, more interactive sessions and advanced sessions specifically for returning members.

Live CoachCasts

  • Coaches Tim and Namrita host a podcast just for BaseCamp members, where topics and discussions are focused on coaching you through the progression of our program and touch on the fine details of all the coaching elements within BaseCamp

Live Coach/Athlete Panels

  • Coach Namrita moderates live panels designed to engage in deep, lively conversation between coaches, topic experts, and pro athletes

  • Community members can submit questions in advance of sessions

  • Scheduled events include:

    • Female Athlete Panel

    • Race Strategy/Tactics Panel

    • Dealing with Setbacks Panel

New Live Webinars

  • Dive deeper into topics with coaches and experts

  • Enrich your knowledge and understanding of topics to apply to your own training and performance

  • Submit questions in advance of sessions

  • Scheduled events include:

    • Advanced Training with Coach Tim

    • Nutrition and Fueling with Coach Namrita

    • Strength with Coach Menachem

    • Mental Performance with Coach Carrie

    • Alumni-only advanced session with Coaches Tim and Namrita

New Online Courses

We are continuing to develop our online courses for self-paced learning opportunities. New topics include:

  • Building better training understanding and execution

  • Using TrainingPeaks to track your training

  • Applying nutrition and fueling strategies to optimize training and recovery


Sponsor Benefits

BaseCamp members receive exclusive benefits and discounts from all our partners, including


New Challenges

The challenges are back and better than ever! Test your performance abilities (tactics, pacing, mindset and fueling) in a motivating, low-stress format designed to help you push yourself while keeping training fun

  • New omnium weekend challenge

  • Everyone has a chance to win the sponsor prize packs

  • New BaseCamp event experience, including post-challenge happy hours led by Coach Tina Hart

As a team, we at BaseCamp are dedicated to bringing you the best training and community experience around. The goal of our 360-degree approach to performance is to empower you with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to reach your best. For our returning members, we think you'll agree that this is going to be the best version of BaseCamp yet! We anticipate selling out earlier this year, so take advantage of our early offers and grab your spot today.


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