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Tonya's story: Unbound Gravel 100

BaseCamp alum Tonya Simpson shared her experience at Unbound Gravel 2023.

You finish most, you DNF some. Unbound Gravel is by far my favorite event every year. I have back-of-the-pack finished the 200 twice and the 100 twice, and was all set for a third 100, at hopefully PR pace after a strong BaseCamp season. The 3 miles of sticky mud from miles 11-14 sucked a little life out of me and dashed my PR hopes, but I recovered and enjoyed the prairie. Rains caught me about 7 miles to go, and I guess my bike decided it was done riding in gritty water and I got a mechanical at exactly mile 100 of the 103-mile course and I couldn’t pedal anymore. So frustrating to miss that finishing chute at the end! Only my third DNF in 7 years of racing gravel, so I guess I can’t complain! But this race is why I love BaseCamp so much—it gets me in shape for these early monster races!


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